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Our courses were designed to work around you and your busy life! Access all of your studies and teachings from your computer, phone, or whatever device you have on you! This enables you to learn at your own pace, on your own time, and when it’s convenient for you! There is no time limit to finishing our courses!


"I just love the Plush Pro Makeup Academy! It's takes you from the ins and outs of all areas of being a makeup artist. The videos are phenomenal and so easy to follow with. And makes it so much easier to duplicate when I do my clients makeup. This makeup is bar none to anything out there. If you're looking to get into the besuty business or if you need to freshen up your makeup artistry skills, Plus Pro Makeup Artistry is the online schooling you need to go with. You won't regret it."

- Kristy Kortiz-Scott, Student

"Plush Pro Makeup Academy is an awesome way to learn how to be a makeup artist! Being able to learn online at your own pace and your own time in the comfort of your own home is amazing. Not everyone has time to enroll in beauty school or a makeup school and physically attend. Jacynda put together this program to teach her students to not only do makeup; but how to BE a makeup artist. You will learn tips and tricks for application and eye shapes, the best products and even how to put together your very own makeup kit! All for an affordable price. Plush Pro will give you the confidence to get out there and begin your new career!!"

- Stephanie Renner, Student

"Plush Pro helped me so much! I could barely apply mascara and now I get compliments on my makeup at least once a week. It’s not only given me the tools I need for my personal makeup but it gave me the knowledge and confidence to add MUA to my resume! Thanks!"

- Tonya Teel, Student

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to some amazing ladies! I was given an opportunity to connect with Jacynda Jae, who is an amazing makeup artist, has multiple businesses and works so hard to make her passion come to life! And Kelly, of Spray Tan Class; who always has the best tips on spray tanning! I’m taking the online makeup course & I am learning so much from you both! Which is funny because I’ve never actually met either of you and hope someday I will! You both have really changed my life and so many other babes!!! Thank you for being a positive mentor to so many! I’m very grateful for you both!"

- Amanda Bamer, Student

"It taught me stuff I hadn't ever heard of so it was truly a blessing for me."

- Student


Meet your Instructor

Hi ladies! My name is Jacynda Jae, founder of Plush Pro Makeup Academy. I created this academy because I've learned that what we do here is so incredibly needed in the industry. It is so hard to find somewhere to get quality education in the beauty industry. The cosmetology schools cost an absolute fortune and their kits are all sponsored. Meaning you are forced to use products you may not want! We are here to educate you, so you can make your OWN decisions on your OWN products; without breaking the bank!

I hope that everything I have learned and wrote here will help you succeed as well! It has been years of trial and error and I want to bring to you the knowledge I have and learned, so that you can have a head start!

A little about me… It all started with a passion for the beauty industry & an even BIGGER passion to work for myself. I started my journey at cosmetology school. I quickly realized hair was not for me. But, I still wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry. I then went and got certified to be a makeup artist through Analicia Romo, a 20+ year veteran in the industry. After being certified I went and applied to TONS of makeup counters and stores. Consistently being turned down for lack of experience, my tattoos & crazy hair. I decided to open my own business. Plush Makeup Academy and Hair Design was born! A few years later the name was shortened to Plush Artistry and about a year after that, we are now and currently Mobile Radiance! We specialize in freelance hair and makeup. We travel to our clients on location to make them feel amazing for any occasion! We started in San Diego and have expanded into Orange County and Los Angeles! We also managed to be #1 Hair & Makeup business on Thumbtack every year, continuously placed Top 10 on San Diego A-List as well as getting awarded “Top Pro”. Less than 3% of pros make the cut!

Don’t ever think that any of this was easy! It’s been a long road and many days of wanting to give up. It just goes to show that hard work and dedication pays off!

There are so many reasons to be in this industry. It allows you to work for yourself, be your own boss. Make your own hours and rules. You also have a chance to be a part of so many amazing divisions. Bridal, fashion, print, film etc.! Be a part of the most important day in someone’s life, be in the middle of the glamorous and exciting fashion scene, build an amazing portfolio with print work or behind the scenes for a movie! There's so much you can do! This industry is so much fun and you get to meet so many amazing people.

I love what I do! Being on location for someone’s special day as well as running my own businesses is truly amazing and a dream come true! But what I really love to do is teach you! Helping you ladies grasp the art of makeup as well as the business of makeup is my absolute passion! My goal here is to help you understand not only how to do makeup, but more importantly; how to do WELL in this industry! How to work with clients, how to look professional & stand out from the crowd! Trust me, there are so many little things that make a big difference in your success in this industry that isn’t about doing the actual act of makeup!

My courses and its videos were created with ACTUAL paying Plush Artistry/Mobile Radiance clients. It does not get any more real than this. During the filming of the courses we asked our clients if they were okay with us filming their appointment. There was no planning involved as far as the looks go. These are genuine, 100% paying REAL clients. REAL results. REAL reactions. THAT is what sets us apart from other makeup schools who use models. They get to do exactly what they want on them. They film and produce planned results and scripted reactions. Plush Pro Makeup Academy is 100% real. You are about to watch and learn exactly what this industry is going to bring you. Exactly what it is going to look like. Let’s get started!

Our goal is to be different from the rest. We work countless hours to build and maintain the reputation and satisfaction that we see on our clients and students faces each and every day. Every one of you mean the world to us and we wouldn't be here, doing what we love, if it weren't for YOU.

I am so thankful to have such an amazing team of artists along with me. We are all truly passionate about what we do, we take our jobs very seriously, and we take pride in how we run our company - because we are different. I've made sure of that. Each and every one of our artists and instructors were hand-picked by me and we are all here for one thing; you.

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting in us as artists, in me as a business owner, and in Plush Pro Makeup Academy; to be part of your new and exciting career!